Where: From St. Joseph, MI to Chicago’s 31st Street HArbor

When: LEaving September 1 Between 5-8 PM - making landfall 25 hours later

how: rowing a custom-built boat 65 miles, non-stoP


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We’re racing towards Results


Two Foundations. One Common Goal.

Cancer has touched nearly all of us. In most insidious form, it touches children.

As long-time leaders of our own charities – Charles Tillman (The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation) and Jacob Beckley (The Beckley Foundation) – we recognize the complexity and enormity of fighting back against these illnesses. 

Jacob Beckley & Charles Tillman

Jacob Beckley & Charles Tillman

It’s what has brought us together to row 65 miles, non-stop, across Lake Michigan in early September to benefit Row4Kids.

Our hope is to support families and children affected by childhood cancer by generating awareness, funding for research and spurring renewed vigor to fight back against the disease.

Row4Kids will be an exciting event you will not want to miss! Check back often for updated event details or click here now to donate.

Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundations focuses on the devastating effects childhood illness wreaks on families while the Beckley Foundation supports investigation and research into finding cures, specifically for neuroblastoma.

The Row4Kids 2,000 Meter Challenge



The Making of Our Custom Boat



The Backstory

What do a professional football player and an innovation executive have in common?


The Foundations

Benefiting the Cornerstone Foundation and the Beckley Foundation.